Getting started

Create your account on Trality

To create an account, simply visit and sign up as a new user. Please make sure to carefully read and accept our terms of service as well as our privacy policy during the registration process.

Link your exchange account or create a virtual account

In the settings menu, add an exchange account on which your future trading bot is supposed to trade.

If you want to connect to an exchange for live-trading, please enter your API key and secret from that exchange. Scroll to the last section on this page for a description on how get exchange API keys.

If you only want to employ your trading bot for paper-trading (i.e. trading virtually, without real money) you don't need to enter API keys. Instead simply indicate that the account is a "virtual account". For virtual accounts you can define a starting balance of various assets, depending on which asset you would like to trade.

Creating a bot

Visit our the Trality Bot Creator in the left menu bar and click on "Create new bot". At this stage, only the option of a code-based Bot Creator is available, later on other options will be added. Once you click create you are brought into the bot editor, in which you can either create/edit the bot's underlying algorithm or backtest it on historical data. First time users are guided through this process with the help of a tutorial.

Start trading

As soon as your first bot is developed, you can start paper-trading or live-trading. To do this, simply click on "start bot" in the top right corner.

Creating an API key on Binance

For live-trading on Trality, you should head over to your crypto exchange account on Binance and request an API key.

Once requested, you will obtain an API key as well as an API secret. Please, copy both and enter them both into the exchange settings on Trality (see next point). Attention: you will only be able to see the API secret once on Binance, after you close the API settings, you will not be able to copy it any more.

Make sure that "Enable Withdrawals" is NOT checked for your API key on Binance. Trality will not be able to accept such an API key for your own security.