(Beta-) Feature overview

Please beware that the current version is still a Beta version! This means nothing is perfect and bugs may and will actually happen! This is also the reason why live trading is not yet enabled. We want to make sure everything is thoroughly tested first and runs smoothly. Thank you for your understanding.

Currently we are supporting the following features. For a more detailed explanation of each, please scroll to the respective section:

Trality Bot Creator:

  • Python-based bot creation API to build the most complex bots

  • Rule-based bot builder to create bots based on 1 or multiple technical analysis indicators

  • Over 100 pre-defined technical indicators

  • Historical data down to minute candles

  • Blazing-fast backtesting to keep improving bot performance

  • Backtest history to revert back to your most profitable settings

Trality Dashboard:

  • Monitoring of bots' overall performance

  • Monitoring of each bot's individual pairs, positions and trades

  • Monitoring of portfolio's performance and ability to control multiple wallets and exchange accounts

Bot Trading:

  • Live trading on Binance

  • Paper trading to forward test bots

We got big plans! Our roadmap:

Bot Trading:

  • More exchanges (Bittrex, Bitfinex, Coinbase Pro, Huobi)

Trality Bot Creator:

  • Flow-based editor to create bots based on visually arranged logical elements

  • Position handling and rebalancing functionality

  • Including more ordertypes

  • Risk and Performance Analytics

  • Benchmarking of Bots

  • US Equity Data Integration

Trality Dashboard:

  • Bot Performance and Risk Reports

Trality Bot Marketplace:

  • Ability to follow bots from a range of user-created bots

  • Possibility for creators to earn a risk-free side-income by renting out their best bots on the marketplace

If you want to know more: